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19 Jun 2024

Half-frame or half-baked?

With all the hoopla surrounding the launch (and immediate sell-out) of the Pentax 17 half-frame camera, I was inspired to dig into my archives for my own half-frame images. There weren’t many, and that might be significant. Back in 1981, I was working as a section editor on The Photo partwork. A colleague and I were invited by Olympus to a press event that, I think, was for the launch of the Pen EF – what would prove to be […]

13 Jun 2024

From the archive: the Great British seaside

Having nearly finished digitising all my most important pictures – and quite a few unimportant ones – I thought it is time to start sharing. Some of the images I’ll be featuring in the ‘From the archive’ series of blog posts will be old friends (to me). But many will be surprises (also to me) – photographs that I’d forgotten or somehow overlooked and have recently rediscovered. And so it is with this selection. I have absolutely no recollection of […]

19 Aug 2018

More monochrome

Having put a roll of film through my much-loved Canon FTb, it was time to drag out another old classic, the Nikon F3. I still think of this as one of the best cameras I’ve ever owned. I converted to Nikon in 1985 (and if that sounds like a religious experience, well it was), after having been an Olympus OM-2 aficionado for many years. But then all my Olympus gear was stolen in New York and it was time to […]

28 Jul 2018

A Canon, a roll of film and delayed gratification

It would grieve me to find that someone has mistaken me for a hipster. But I realise I’m running that risk writing this post. Because, you see, I’m shooting on film again. Not much. Just the odd roll now and then. I can handle it. This is not about nostalgia. Oh, who the hell am I kidding? This is entirely about nostalgia. I’m at an age where I’m entitled to gaze back at that ‘foreign country’ that is the past […]

14 Jul 2017

In the beginning…

A while back I wrote about how it all started for me. And I said that the first proper camera I owned was the Canon FTb. Which is true.