Voie Verte: Introduction

Paths and tracks have always held a fascination for me. They are so inviting, so full of promise and intrigue.

They also clearly mark mankind's use, or passage through, the landscape.

The Voie Verte project is based around France's greenways. Most of these tracks – used by cyclists, walkers and horse riders – are reclaimed railway lines, and you can often still see the evidence of their erstwhile use in the form of signs, gates, station houses and other abandoned or repurposed infrastructure.

The images in this project cover both the tracks themselves and the views from them.

In the Phanton Tracks sub-project, I'm also exploring those parts of former railway lines that haven't found new uses, but which are slowly decaying. Like the military fortifications in Dust & Shadow, in many cases these are assuming the appearance of strange and mysterious monuments.

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