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18 Jun 2024

New in the store: Grille shadows

We live in an old house. According to a local historian, it was probably built around 1500. Over the main window of the living room is an iron grille that most likely dates from around the same time. At the centre of the grille is an intriguing design – a fleur de lys inside an inverted heart. The same motif is also carved in the granite of the lintels above the window and the door. The historian speculated that the […]

11 Jun 2024

Prints, posters and more in the new shop

It\’s time to adopt a more flexible approach to selling my photographs as prints. And so welcome to my new Zchrome store on Redbubble. Making these images available through Redbubble helps keep the costs down and means I can fulfil orders in many more countries than I could if I were shipping the prints myself. It also means I can offer the works in a wide variety of forms. In addition to the metal-based art prints I was selling before, […]

12 Oct 2017

An insanely happy dog

I’m generally not all that interested in plastering my photographs on mugs, bags and other merchandise. At the risk of sounding pompous, my work means too much to me to subject it to that kind of treatment. But then… there are some images that actually cry out to be shared in this way. Maybe this is where art and craft diverge. Take this one, for instance. This is our sprollie Cézanne. (A sprollie is a springer spaniel crossed with a […]