Prints, posters and more in the new shop

It's time to adopt a more flexible approach to selling my photographs as prints. And so welcome to my new Zchrome store on Redbubble.

Making these images available through Redbubble helps keep the costs down and means I can fulfil orders in many more countries than I could if I were shipping the prints myself.

It also means I can offer the works in a wide variety of forms. In addition to the metal-based art prints I was selling before, you can get your favourite images as art prints on heavyweight paper, canvas prints, straightforward photographic prints and even as posters, greetings cards and postcards.

I've also decided to make some of the images available on other products, such as notebooks, laptop and phone cases and lots more.

Among the grouped collections of images, one focuses on photographs originally shot on film. A lot of my archive goes back way before the digital image age, and there's a wealth of analogue imagery that I intend to share on the platform. Each week I'll be pulling images from the archive and adding them to the store.

Naturally I'll be adding new work too, as I shoot it – mainly digital but also analogue imagery.

At this point, it's traditional to say that these products make great presents – but you already knew that.


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