New in the store: Grille shadows

We live in an old house. According to a local historian, it was probably built around 1500. Over the main window of the living room is an iron grille that most likely dates from around the same time.

At the centre of the grille is an intriguing design – a fleur de lys inside an inverted heart. The same motif is also carved in the granite of the lintels above the window and the door. The historian speculated that the fleur de lys might be some kind of indication of an affiliation to the crown.

The question is, which one? At the time the house was constructed, this area of Normandy, in northern France, was under the control of the English. Indeed, some locals refer to the building as ‘la maison anglaise’.

These two pictures above were shot on separate days from inside the house. Beyond the window is the foliage in our courtyard – plus cobwebs. On the right is a picture of the grille from the outside.

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