Monthly Archives: June 2024

24 Jun 2024

From the archive: A-level Birmingham

I can’t remember the exact brief. It was something to do with ‘urban landscape’ or ‘the city’ or maybe ‘concrete’. Who knows? All I can remember is that as soon as I saw it, my first thought was ‘Birmingham’. These pictures were taken for my A-level photography exam. That would put the date at 1977, I think. I’d left school and was bluffing my way through a one-year art foundation course, doing lots of painting, drawing and even attempts at […]

20 Jun 2024

Also now on Bluesky

Maybe I should have mentioned this earlier, given that I’ve been there a little while, but you can now find me on Bluesky. I find it a far less toxic place than X, which I quit some time back. You can search for me by my handle, which is @zolachrome.bsky.social, but it’s probably a lot easier just to click on this link to my profile. I mostly hang out in the photography and film photo feeds. The folks there are […]

19 Jun 2024

Half-frame or half-baked?

With all the hoopla surrounding the launch (and immediate sell-out) of the Pentax 17 half-frame camera, I was inspired to dig into my archives for my own half-frame images. There weren’t many, and that might be significant. Back in 1981, I was working as a section editor on The Photo partwork. A colleague and I were invited by Olympus to a press event that, I think, was for the launch of the Pen EF – what would prove to be […]

18 Jun 2024

New in the store: Grille shadows

We live in an old house. According to a local historian, it was probably built around 1500. Over the main window of the living room is an iron grille that most likely dates from around the same time. At the centre of the grille is an intriguing design – a fleur de lys inside an inverted heart. The same motif is also carved in the granite of the lintels above the window and the door. The historian speculated that the […]

17 Jun 2024

From the archive: The Loch Ness Monster

At this point you’re probably already thinking, ‘Does he mean the real Loch Ness Monster?’. To which the answer is obviously, duh. But it was real enough. These days, when you can generate almost anything with AI or CGI, if you want a ‘photograph’ of a monster you just ask a computer to do it. At the dawn of the 1980s, things weren’t so simple. The Smirnoff vodka brand was running an ad campaign portraying various impossible or unlikely scenarios around […]

13 Jun 2024

From the archive: the Great British seaside

Having nearly finished digitising all my most important pictures – and quite a few unimportant ones – I thought it is time to start sharing. Some of the images I’ll be featuring in the ‘From the archive’ series of blog posts will be old friends (to me). But many will be surprises (also to me) – photographs that I’d forgotten or somehow overlooked and have recently rediscovered. And so it is with this selection. I have absolutely no recollection of […]

11 Jun 2024

Prints, posters and more in the new shop

It\’s time to adopt a more flexible approach to selling my photographs as prints. And so welcome to my new Zchrome store on Redbubble. Making these images available through Redbubble helps keep the costs down and means I can fulfil orders in many more countries than I could if I were shipping the prints myself. It also means I can offer the works in a wide variety of forms. In addition to the metal-based art prints I was selling before, […]