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La Toque aux Vins

I’m pleased to say that two of my pictures are now on display at La Toque aux Vins, a very fine restaurant on the outskirts of Avranches, Normandy.

One of the pictures now on display at La Toque aux Vins

One of the images – of riders at Le Bec d’Andaine with a view of Mont St Michel (above) – is now hanging in the reception area. The other, of a poplar wood near the village of St Cyr, is in the main dining room.

Both images have connections with the restaurant. Avranches is close to, and has a great view of, Mont St Michel. And the co-owners of the restaurant, the chef Emmanuel and the sommelier Joachim, previously ran a restaurant in St Cyr.

Located in the pretty town of St Martin-des-Champs, La Toque aux Vins is housed in a sleek modern building with great views of the landscape.

The high-class ambience is enhanced no end by a large selection of sculptures and pictures by my friend, and fellow exhibitor, Sue Riley. I’m very happy to have my work alongside hers again.

La Toque aux Vins has a great reputation for fine food. But, as the name suggests, it’s also famed for its wines. In fact, it has a dedicated salon de dégustation where you can sit in comfy armchairs and sofas and have Joachim bring you a selection of wines to taste. Just make sure to book a taxi home… 😉

There’s also a special menu – l’accord du chef at du sommelier – that delivers six courses each with a carefully matched wine.

For more information, go to or phone: 02 33 79 28 00.

And if you go, don’t forget to look at the pictures. You’ll find an order form for prints at reception.

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