Shadows at an exhibition

Sometimes boredom is a useful thing. It makes you start looking around, searching for some stimulation.

And, if I’m honest, sitting all day at an exhibition, guarding the exhibits, can be dull – although it’s made entirely worthwhile when you get a genuinely engaged visitor who wants to know more about the work. Then it’s the best job in the world!

Anyway, during one of the duller spells at L’Esprit Insolite I noticed some interesting effects. The following shot was taken with my iPhone.

The windows admitted very little direct sunlight. But reflections from windows across the street cast interesting patterns on the ceiling.

The pictures above and below were shot on my Fuji X100. Even with the 35mm-equivalent focal length lens, this required a lot of crouching and craning of the neck – something I really shouldn’t be doing at my age.

At one point, the sunlight bounced off the windscreen in the parking lot across the street, and gave me the following picture.

That’s the shadow of one of Sue’s sculptures on the left and the background on the right is one of my photographs. I think it makes rather a nice summary of the exhibition.

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