Behind the image: Brume, Landévennec, Finistère

This is a continuation of yesterday’s post because this image was shot on the same foggy morning.

Having shot a number of photographs of a very bare and simply landscape, I turned my attention to the trees lining one of the several rivers that feed into this estuary.

One of my reasons for this is that this is a scene not entirely devoid of mankind’s presence. If you squint very hard you’ll see some boats moored at the river’s opening.

The fog was shifting in a slight breeze, which meant that the scene changed every minute.

Of course, one of the delights of digital photography is that you can shoot frame after frame without worrying about the cost. But I actually found myself slowing down and picking my frames carefully. And when I got the following shot I knew it was the best of the morning.

It’s a classical landscape, rule of thirds an’ all. It’s also very static, which is exactly what I was after. I feel it renders the eery stillness of that morning.

And this is one of the images I’m showing at my forthcoming exhibition, L’Esprit Insolite. It’s also for sale in my shop.

After shooting this image, I loved further along the shore. But the fog was lifting now and the landscape returning to something more mundane and quotidian.


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