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Looking to beautify your home or workplace? Now you can. I’ve selected some of my favourite photographs and am making them available as large, limited edition prints.

Each image is printed on fabric – a high-quality linen canvas with just a slight texture. The 12-ink process produces superb colours and is highly UV resistant.

Most prints are 120 x 80cm with the print mounted on a 4cm-thick wooden frame. This makes the prints easy to hang (hardware is provided). And the matt finish means they don’t suffer from reflections, so they work in any kind of lighting (although you should avoid hanging the prints in direct sunlight).

You could frame them, but I think the prints look great just as they are, as the image wraps around the sides of the frame.

The initial selection is of 12 images – chosen to tie in with a forthcoming exhibition (more on that soon) – but I’ll be adding more over time.

Each image is limited to 250 prints in this format. A certificate of authenticity will be mailed to each purchaser.

Head over to the shop now to choose your print…

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