A breath of life

Ah, spring. The landscape starts coming back to life.

Here in Normandy, the countryside is heavily populated with fruit trees of all kinds – lots of apple and pear trees in the orchard, to be sure, but also cherry, plum and more. And that means one thing: blossom.

Cherry blossom

On a drive home recently, Trish commented that the blossom looked as though it was laying the landscape like smoke.

We have many cherry trees in our garden, plus some old pear trees from the time it was an orchard.

Pear blossom

When the cherry blossom starts to fall, our courtyard looks like a churchyard just after a wedding – everything covered in confetti-like blossom. And when I say everything, I mean everything – ground, car, cat…

The blossom seen against a blue sky – now the deeper blue you associate with summer rather than the pale, china blue of winter – is also somehow very bridal.

There is another sight that always makes me happy. This spiral decoration hangs in the doorway of our summer cabin. Well, actually, it’s a shed, but you know what I mean.

We don’t sit in the cabin much in winter. So, for me, the sight of sunlight coming through the glass is an intimation of blissful summer days.

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