The ever-beautiful sea

The sea is captivating no matter what the season or weather. Which is just as well when you’re in Brittany in November.

La Pointe du Raz, Finistère, Brittany, France

We saw the sea in all her moods during a week spent in Finistère, just outside Audierne. Those moods ranged from brooding skies over dark, heavy water, through raging waves crashing on the beach, to a dazzling placidity.

Plage de Tronoan, Finistère, Brittany, France

The range of colours was impressive. Of course, there was every shade of grey. But also subtle hues of greens and blues.

Plage de Tronoan, Finistère, Brittany, France

And if you didn’t like the colour or the mood, all you had to do was wait five minutes and it would be different.

Audierne, Finistère, Brittany, France

I’ve always found the sea to be endlessly fascinating. There’s something about that perpetually shifting simplicity that draws me to photograph it over and over. And sometimes, as a reward, nature puts on a spectacle.

Pointe de la Torche, Penmarc'h, Finistère, Brittany, France

There are more images from that week here.

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