Irresistible colours

There’s something both corny and irresistible about Autumn.


The yellows and oranges of Autumn are an easy win for photographers. It’s as though we’re programmed to find these hues attractive. It’s like Golden Hour – a scene we would find mundane at any other time is rendered seductive by a touch of gold.

And so Autumn photos easily slip into cliché.


That said, who am I to resist?

smd_20161030-0139_slideTrish & I took the dog to the local park the other day. I say ‘park’ – it’s a plan d’eau, a wide spot in the river created by a weir and some attached woodland with a mini-golf course. But Cézanne, our sprollie, loves it. He especially likes to swim there.

Autumn has arrived in force. The colours are intense, but I think it’s going to be short-lived with an early leaf drop. I was especially taken with how the glowing foliage was reflected in the water.

So these pictures are about nothing except the enjoyment of colour. And as they’re just a bit of pleasantry, how could I make them more fun? Why, by adding ducks of course!


There’s a full set of pictures in the St-Fraimbault Autumn 2016 notebook.


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