Sometimes I come across some useful bits ‘n’ bobs that other people might find handy, so I’ll share them here.

Epson MX-80 F/T III dot matrix printer

  • ROMS: This zip file contains 2KB images for the three 2716 ROMs in my printer, which I dumped. I’m told these are the Graftrax ROMs that allow you to do bit-mapped graphics on the Epson. I’ve never knowingly done that, so who knows?
  • Graftrax-80 manual (PDF, 1981).
  • Epson MX-80 technical manual (PDF). This isn’t quite the right technical manual for my printer, but there’s a lot in common between the models so I found it useful. I found this online, so it’s not my fault that some of the pages are upside-down.