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Repairing a BBC Master #3: Power checks

Now that we know the sickly BBC Master’s power supply is okay, it’s time to check whether that power is getting to all the chips on the board. Luckily, the schematics help us here in more ways than one. On the first page is a table of all the ICs with pin numbers for their VCC and GND connections. I… Read more »

Repairing a BBC Master #2: Basic steps

First, do no harm. Second, check the voltages. That’s how the Hippocratic Oath starts when adapted for electronics. If the device under test is not getting the proper power supply, then you can’t reasonably expect it to work. But there’s something I wanted to check, even before I apply power, and this turned out to be a learning opportunity. With… Read more »

Fixing an e-bike pedal sensor – part 2

Well, it looks as though this series of posts (of which this is the second and possibly last) could be badly mis-titled. For a start, it doesn’t look as though the pedal sensor of my malfunctioning e-bike is faulty. And it now appears unlikely that I’m going to fix anything – not in the near future, anyway. However, I had… Read more »

Fixing an e-bike pedal sensor – part 1

For the past four years one of my great joys has been cycling. Although of a certain age, and with not a few health issues, the advent of the e-bike has allowed me to return to one of the pleasures of my youth, as I’ve been known to blog about elsewhere. But we’re not here to talk about cycling –… Read more »