Article Archive

This is a collection of articles I wrote for various IT and other magazines in the late-1980s/early-1990s. It’s a fairly random selection – there appears to be no particular rhyme or reason to those that have survived on various archive disks and those that haven’t. But I feel they provide an interesting glimpse into the world of computing at the time – not just because of the technology they describe but also attitudes to it. Although much of this is just my opinion, it shows what journalists like me thought about this stuff at the time.  Who knew we could get so excited about 1MB of RAM, or have to issue stern warnings that a software program might hog 6MB of precious disk space!



The Good Software Guide – part of a book project,1991.

Relay Gold 5.0Personal Computer Magazine, 1991 (to come).

WordStar 5Personal Computer World, 1989.

Wordstar 2000 Plus – Which PC? and PC Amstrad, 1988.



Amstrad PPC 640Which PC?, 1988.

Cambridge Computer Z88Practical Computing, 1988.

The Good Hardware Guide: Macs and Desktops PCs – 1991.

The Good Hardware Guide: Laptop PCs – 1991.

The Good Hardware Guide: Peripherals etc – 1991.

Olivetti QuadernoWhat PC?, 1992.



Apple Mac Classic vs IBM PS/1 – Micro Decision, 1990. Not reviews – more a discussion of the position of these products in the market.

Bulletin Board Systems for Pilots – Pilot, c.1991.

Computers in Air Traffic Control – Personal Computer World, (c.1990/91).

Computers in Photography – Personal Computer World (March 1991).

Fly by Wire – Personal Computer World, June 1990. Using computers to fly aircraft.

Software bugs – Micro Decision, 1990.