Other places

This isn’t my only blog … oh dear me no. Here are some other places you’ll find me pontificating:

And these are some places I like to visit — I’ll probably add to this from time to time:

  • Ben Eater’s YouTube channel – Ben has produced a whole bunch of videos on electronics. My favourite is his series on building an 8-bit breadboard computer, which not only explains how a computer works but also de-mystifies the components, such as gates and latches.
  • Obsolescence Guaranteed — the main site for Oscar Vermeulen’s vintage computing obsession. He’s the chap behind the PiDP and KIM Uno. He also has another blog here. Why does he do that? No-one knows. But both are great reading for retro computing fans.
  • Adafruit — not just a supplier of great products but also a fantastic resource. I’ve solved many problems by taking part in the forums or perusing the Adafruit Learning System pages (which is where this link takes you). I’m also a big fan of Lady Ada (less commonly known as Limor Fried) for the superb enterprise she’s created and the hacker/maker ethos it so brilliantly promotes.
  • Teensy — my favourite AVR-based board is the Teensy. I built the Dream Machine for my wife using one of these and it also appears in my HMV1960 and Dreambox projects. They’re cheap and small but powerful. Who wouldn’t like that? I have a bunch of them and often spend a happy hour dreaming of what I might make.