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Something weird happened to my Twitter account. I have no idea what or when, but at some point – maybe as long as a year ago – it stopped working.

You’d think I’d have noticed, but the honest truth is that I treated Twitter as write-only media. I used it to announce new blog posts (which WordPress handles automatically) and that was it.

I find most social media to be too noisy, too little signal, which is why I recently quit Facebook.

But I’ve decided to give Twitter another go – in read mode as well as write mode this time.

I couldn’t get into my existing account – Twitter wouldn’t accept any username/password combination I threw at it. And the password reset didn’t work – it kept saying it was sending a code via SMS, but the code never arrived.

Selah. I figured a fresh start was in order, so opened a new account.

You can find me at: @m_speculatrix

I’d be glad of suggestions for good people/organisations to follow.

BTW, for any regular readers … yeah, I’ve been away a while. Nothing to do with the current viral situation, I’m glad to say. Just a reorganisation of the house that left me without an office/lab for a while. But things are back on track now.

[UPDATE 24/04/2020] Maybe I spoke too soon. After just two tweets, Twitter has suspended my new account! I’ve no idea why. I’ve lodged an appeal…

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