New book: Finistère Insolite

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Okay, so I’ll be the first to admit that this has nothing to do with computers, electronics, robots or any of the other stuff that is usually the topic of the day here. But this is a big deal for me, and it’s my blog, so…

I have a new book out. Finistère Insolite (Exceptional Finistère) is a collection of my fine-art landscape photographs featuring what is, in my opinion, the most beautiful part of Brittany, France.

I’ve visited this area many times and am always struck by the scale and grandeur of the landscape.

The book contains 113 photographs over 100 pages, printed on heavy paper for that truly luxurious feel. I decided not to go for print on demand, but instead have opted for a short print run using a company specialising in digital printing.

You can buy the book directly from my photography website, Zolachrome.

The first 50 copies will be signed by me.

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