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It’s always fascinating to know what kit others use. Reviews are all very well, but I’m more interested in what people work with on a day-to-day basis.

So I’ve set up an account over on I’ll be sharing lists of the equipment I actually use and like. If you see something in these lists you’ll know that:

  • I bought it with my own money.
  • I think it’s good and worth your money.
  • I actually use it.

If you happen to buy any of this stuff through the lists I get a small commission (on most things) through my Amazon affiliation. Any such funds will go to supporting this blog.

I haven’t tracked down all my kit yet – some of it might already be obsolete! And, of course, there’s some stuff I get from Shenzen market ‘stack-em-high, sell-em-cheap’ merchants like everyone else. But I’ll do my best to add everything I can that I think is worth your consideration.

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