Coming back into fashion

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Rooting around in the kitchen the other day, I discovered these labels. They are for 3.5in floppy disks.

I’ll pause a moment to let that sink in.

You see, I didn’t buy these labels when I purchased my restored BBC Master Turbo with its single 3.5in FDD. Oh no. It would seem I’ve had these labels since floppy disks were a normal thing to have in your house, instead of being impossibly retro-geeky and slightly suspect.

I’ve always had a pack-rat tendency – something my More Significant Other is trying to beat out of me now that she’s on a simplicity/decluttering crusade. I mean, I know she’s right. But there are things I wish I hadn’t got rid of (my Sinclair Spectrum, for one). And it seems there are some things that slip through the net.

I’m reliably informed the MSO had put these labels in the kitchen drawer with the intention of marking up her pots of jam. After all, there was absolutely no possibility of any kind of situation arising in which we would need them for actual floppy disks, right?

Ahem. It would seem that, if you wait long enough, the junk in your house can actually evolve spontaneously into being ‘vintage’. And might even become useful again. For very small values of ‘useful’.


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