Recipe of the day – household cleaner and degreaser

For many years, I’ve made my own household cleaners, mainly because I don’t want a toxic soup of harmful and unnecessary chemicals in the house. While most things can be cleaned adequately with bicarb, vinegar and water, mixes made up in this way tend to clog up the sprayer.

Recently, however, in a book about cleaning (yes, I’m that sad), I came across this recipe and it’s a marvel – it works to clean sinks, surfaces, bathroom fittings, small electrical appliances, etc, and two tablespoons in a bucket of water is enough to clean floors, though you can use more if you wish. It’s phenomenal for cutting grease, maybe because it’s not thinned with water, and it’s as cheap as chips.

You’ll need white vinegar (usually about 8% acidity), lemon juice (I used the type in 500ml bottles – Pulco is a common brand in France) and plain old washing-up liquid.

In a roomy jug, mix 1 part washing-up liquid, two parts white vinegar and 1 part lemon juice. Stir to mix (don’t shake, as it foams), and decant into a spray bottle. Add essential oils if you like.

Remember not to shake the bottle to mix, as you work, because it will foam.

For exterior work, I have made up a stronger version with household vinegar (14%), lemon juice and liquid black soap.

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