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Recipe of the day – home-made air freshener

Personally, I dislike using commercial air-fresheners, which often contain some nasty chemicals such as benzenes and phthalates. Products with antibacterial powers, such as Febreze, are useful for items such as the dog’s bed, but simply making the air smell sweeter doesn’t really require bactericides. Obviously, your main treatment for stale smells is to open the windows and, if you can,… Read more »

Task of the day – kindling bundles

It’s the time for trimming back in the garden, so it’s also a good time to make kindling bundles for next year. The best trimmings for these are those from fruitwood trees, hazel and vines – basically, trees whose fruit you eat. Avoid toxic woods such as elder, or any others you aren’t sure about. I also use the stems from… Read more »

Task of the day – bed-making

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No matter how little money you earn, you can enjoy a well-made bed. Slipping between cool, smooth, wrinkle-free sheets like you would in a hotel is a private pleasure. It’s well worth making your bed properly every morning, so that when you crash at the end of the day, you don’t have to think about it, and you can relax… Read more »

Brand of the day – Woolovers

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Woolovers is one of those brands that I find myself returning to again and again for nice, well-made basic knitwear. Recently, I really lucked out by introducing a friend – she got 20% off and I got a £50 voucher to spend, which meant my next purchases cost virtually nothing. Woolovers makes a range of knitwear for men and women… Read more »

Product of the day – alcool ménager

Alcool ménager is one of those French cleaning products that I never came across in the UK – cleaning alcohol. It’s a denatured alcohol that’s available in every supermarket and DIY store, and comes in plain (labelled Alcool à bruler, because it’s used for starting barbeques or burning in shepherd’s lamps) and a number of scents, including vanilla, lemon, peppermint… Read more »