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Oh, the wonders of a flushing toilet…

Well, the bathroom refit from hell continues… 

The replacement cistern arrived yesterday, whoop-di-doo. Of course, it had no lid, despite my very specific assertion to that the lid as well as the main body of the cistern had been delivered broken. Undaunted, we glued together the original broken lid and the plumber managed to plumb the thing in, so we have a flushing toilet again, yippee. I can’t stop watching it – it feels like a positive thrill to press a button and the machine flushes itself instead of me having to fill a bucket and do it.

So, perhaps we are inching forwards a step at a time. I have, in the past two weeks, become reasonably adept at bathing in a tub on the kitchen floor. Hairwashing is taken care of at friends, or at the swimming pool. The lack of a sink in the bathroom is a bit more of a pain. I’m now trying to figure out some better way of ‘washing’ our hands than baby wipes and hand sanitizer.  

Last week it was the turn of both the refridgerator – which decided to warm up for no good reason, entailing a replacement part for over 200 euros – and then the kitchen tap literally fell in half, so once again we had no water in the kitchen for three days while we waited for the plumber. We could, however, use the dishwasher and washing machine, so the situation wasn’t as bad as the week we had no water at all in the entire house.

I am pretty sick of this, though. It’s been going on a month. I am a bath person. It’s how I start my day. Out of bed, have a wee, start the bath running… I dearly miss my morning routine, which eased me into the day, and although friends are very kind, you DO feel like you’re putting people out by going round – sometimes you have to wait for them to finish their baths, or you have to wait for the boiler to refill, or they have visitors and you feel like a prat standing there in your dressing gown and spongebag. There will be quite a few lunches had on us when all this is over.

Meanwhile, the DH needs his bath to relax at night, and is unable to have one. Yesterday, after mowing for hours and getting sticky and sweaty and covered in grass, he had to lie down on a couple of heated pads to recover instead of having a nice pine bath. It’s not the same and he was as stiff as a board this morning.  

Oh well, we are two weeks into the 2-4 week wait for the new bath, so fingers crossed. There is a distinct lack of urgency about these internet firms I’ve been dealing with, though, and it seems beyond them to understand that WE HAVE NO BATHROOM at present – this isn’t a secondary bathroom, or an ensuite, it’s the only one we’ve got. 

Take a deep breath and repeat the mantra: "It’ll be nice when it’s done, it’ll be nice when it’s done…" 


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