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Excellent service again from Finisterre. Finisterre Merino vest

Just a quickie to say I’ve received great, and friendly, customer service once again from Finisterre

Finisterre is a cold water surf company specialising in outdoor gear. I live in their Eddy base layer, which I wear as a t-shirt. However, they also have a sale shop on Ebay and the other day I logged on and bought a bunch of vests and longjohns for winter – the Zephyr garments in merino wool.

I paid readily enough and thought no more about it until the next day, when I got an email from Finisterre customer services to say they felt I’d paid too much for postage, given that it was a bulk purchase, and would like to offer me free shipping, so they’d put the £13 shipping cost back in my Paypal account.

Well, I don’t ever remember a company doing that before. Brilliant.  

What goes around comes around too, I guess, as recently they accidentally duplicated an order and I fessed up and sent it back to them, entailing a small amount of expense on my part.

I was honest with them about this – if it had been M&S or some other company that pays its managing director an obscene amount of money, I would have kept the goods, but Finisterre is a small firm that makes great products, I doubt that anyone there earns a packet and I didn’t feel happy about not returning the items. 

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