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I have been stocking up at one of my favourite vendors. Wall plum jersey dress

As I promised myself recently, I have made another little trip back to Wall London. 

Wall is one of my favourite companies for quality clothing. I tend to go for the pima cotton clothes, as I can wash and dry them at home – not only is dry-cleaning expensive, it’s bad for the environment, so I avoid it as much as possible. Also, I am trying very consciously these days to upgrade my basics, since basics are what I dress in most of the time. It’s pointless to spend money on evening wear when I never go out and life here is very casual, for instance, so I am, these days, choosing much higher-end teeshirts, trousers and knitwear. 

Wall’s pima cotton separates are very easy to wear. The jersey is thick and substantial and has a lovely drape, and furthermore they had a sale on, as if anyone could resist that…

Wall wrap top

Although I would dearly love a limitless budget, I plumped for just three items in the end: this plum-coloured plain jersey dress, which can be dressed up or down virtually endlessly. I fancied it in grey but it was sold out, but the plum is interesting and will stretch my winter wardrobe a little. I tend, like many women, to wear rather too much black in winter, so this winter I’m keen to see if I can add in a bit of teal and plum and chocolate brown to liven things up.

Pima cosy twin

Second up was this wrap top in Lobelia, above. I’d ummed and ahhed about this earlier in the season, but now it was half-price, so I bought it straight away, and in this pink colourway too. Again, I would have preferred it in a quieter colour such as marled grey, so I hope they introduce it again next year in different colours. The wrapping style strikes me as very forgiving of a bit of a gut, which I am certainly carrying at present. 

Pima cosy twin

Finally, and not in the sale, but I was fearful it would sell out so decided to get it now, I got this pima cosy twin in midnight blue. I just love this thing and the different ways it can be worn, and it will go brilliantly with my knitted merino pencil skirts, black jersey pants and Wall baggy pants. Note to Wall, incidentally, I would definitely buy this in more colours if they were available – luckily, this shade of blue is right up my street.    

Wall pima cosy

It’s my theory that when you just see an item like this and it calls to you that you should go with your instinct – the clothes you love, within reason, are the clothes you wear. I’d been looking at this top and keeping my fingers crossed it hadn’t sold out, for some weeks now, and that told me that I should get it.

Wall pima cosy

Well, I say finally, but it wasn’t entirely finally because I was still on the hunt for a pair of wool trousers, preferably crops, for winter and, not finding what I wanted on Wall, I hit Ebay and found last year’s Wall trousers on sale there, so got them in grey wool. With a 26in inside leg, they are meant to be crops, but sadly, I am such a midget that that is my inside leg measurement, so on me they will be pretty much full length.  

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