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Jesus, the temperatures have dropped…

Brr is all I can say.

The temperatures really have dropped off a cliff now. It’s 2 degrees out there this morning and clearly I’m going to have to start allowing time to scrape the car. 

It seems to have turned from summer to winter overnight once again this year, leaving me in a slight state of shock. I mean, I knew it would happen, and that when it happened, it would be sudden, but so long and hot has the summer been that there was, I suppose, a sneaking hope that it would indeed continue forever.

The penny dropped when I popped into town on Thursday and found that in my leather coat, I was only just warm enough, even over two layers of wool. When I had to walk the dog later, I instead wore my Land’s End Stadium Squall coat, which is fleece-lined and has 300g insulation in it and – most importantly – comes way below my knees, as I was only wearing jeggings and that one thin layer of cotton was nowhere near enough. Imagine my delight, then, to find a pair of fleece gloves and a fleece beanie in the pockets – most welcome as the wind blew off the lake at my local plan d’eau.

Our new winter bedroom still isn’t ready for habitation because despite buying three mattresses, we can’t find one comfortable enough (and it’s a weird measure at 140×200). But I can’t afford to buy a topper until next month because we have a massive tax top-up to pay, so for the next few weeks we’ll still be in our ‘summer’ bedroom, which last night was 15 degrees.

Now 15 degrees isn’t so bad – it can get way lower than that in winter – and we don’t have any heating on, but having paid a fortune to close off this floor for winter so that we don’t have the expense of heating it, I think our reaction might well be to tough it out until the other bedroom is ready. The past couple of nights, I’ve slept with an alpaca stole wrapped round my head (the perfect warmth to weight ratio) to stop waking up in the night. 

Oh la. Off swimming in a minute and I don’t think my Adidas tracksuit bottoms will be enough now, so it’s back in the thermal sweats, searching for the scraper tool in the dark.

Welcome to winter.  

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