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What to wear in this indeterminate weather? Boden grey tee

What strange weather we’ve been having in northern France lately. 

The past few days it’s been warm (19-23 degrees), but grey and dark and foggy. The look is pure autumn, but the temperatures are ridiculously warm for the time of year – you would normally expect it to be about 16 degrees in late September. Three degrees might not seem like much, but it’s the difference between a jumper and not, a coat and not.

Such was the weather, with its drizzle, grisaille and fog that I kept getting completely fooled when it came to what to wear. Fresh from my bath, having risen in the dark, I would look out of the window and think it was going to be cold. Then after about two hours of sweating in a sweater, I was back upstairs to change into a teeshirt.

It seemed weird somehow to put on a bright summery dress in – good grief – October, and even now that the sun has returned, it would seem odd, so I’m going for single cotton layers but in autumnal colours like soft chocolate brown, heathered grey and plum that seem more in keeping with the season. Yesterday it was an airforce blue cotton jersey cowlneck dress from Wall, teamed with a v-neck cashmere sweater in heathered grey – a combination I liked so much that I asked the DH to photograph it for me so I wouldn’t forget it. Today I’m cleaning, however, so am just in scruffs

Perhaps it is the change of season that is giving me an itch for something new to wear and next month (can’t afford it this month…) I hope to be heading to Finisterre for their excellent merino baselayers, which I wear as teeshirts. I bought two of these last month, one in a heathered greyish pink and one in a cream and black stripe, and they now have in some new colours, one of which at least will suit me, bringing my total to five. They are very long at 27 inches, with very long sleeves and a narrow body – brilliant as a wicking underlayer and no constantly coming untucked.

I’m also partial to the thick, organic cotton in deep-dyed colours offered by Armor-Lux, Wall’s Pima cotton, and I’ve just ordered three Essential Tees from Boden (top left) in marled grey as everyday knock-abouts. Not quite as dark as I was after, but I think they will do nicely for this in-between season before the cold weather hits with a bang. 



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