The revamp progresses

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Our winter bedroom is coming along bit by bit. New bed thumbnail

Our new winter bedroom is progressing, if not apace, then at least by degrees. 

For the past couple of weeks, most evenings, I’ve gone up and done an hour or two of tidying and sorting. Even unfolding and refolding my fabric stash has resulted in a massive amount of saved space and I haven’t even really started with the chucking out of out-of-date or used clothing, etc – there are still many bags labelled ‘to sort’. 

Our plans for the bedroom had to be revised when we got the quote for building in the wardrobes – at about 1,000 euros we just haven’t got the cash, so instead we decided to hire the carpenter to close off the top floor with a glass stair panel and panelled perspex door, to stop heat from escaping onto the top storey. We will live with the motley assortment of wardrobes for now. 

I also changed my mind about the bed, deciding that the Ikea Fjell didn’t provide enough storage underneath (and would look a mess anyway, since the floor slopes by 10cm and the bed will still have to be chocked at one side) and that we should revert to the idea of a standard bed with good clearance so we can stow vacuum packs under it.

New bed

Instead, I’ve opted for this bed from Ebay. With its low foot end (which you’re looking directly across as you enter the room) and its light wrought-iron and wood design, I think it’s very pretty. It needs to be visually light as the bed stands between the door and the window.

At 170 euros, including base and delivery, it is also massively cheaper than the 600 euros the Fjell would have cost. In fact, the mattress will account for most of the spend on the actual bed, as here, we are opting for the same one as we have on our other bed – a pocket-sprung, high-end model that has made a great difference to our sleep. That way, there will be no change when we switch from the ‘summer setting’ to the ‘winter setting’. In the double size, it’s about 420 euros. 

Clearing the room has also entailed getting rid of my art deco ‘clockface’ cocktail cabinet, at which, I admit, I shed a tear. My dad found that for me when I was about 14 and I bought it with my pocket money. My parents then immediately purloined it for their glass collection. But I have never lived anywhere that it looked any good, and it’s never ‘gone’ in this medieval stone house, so I sold it to a ‘troc’ dealer, and once it had gone and I had gotten over myself, the room suddenly looked enormous.  

Recently, I visited a couple of friends whose house I seriously envy, especially their new garden-room extension. Well, we may not be able to stretch to an extension, but reclaiming over 20 square metres of bedroom certainly feels like a whole new house and is making me feel a lot more positive about winter and I hope I will dread, far less, the act of going to bed, which for the past few winters has entailed putting ON clothes rather than taking them off.

Meanwhile, despite the torrential rain and the comparatively low temperatures, we are indeed using our new ‘outdoor room’ very frequently, so we’re well pleased with that as well.    





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