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A mixed bag for my latest Wall purchases.

I had the unusual experience of sending back an item to Wall last week, so thought I would review my latest batch of clothing. 

I bought Baggy Trousers in black cotton and viscose drill; the linen Amalie dress in the blue/white colourway; the Jersey Preppy Dress in dark plum, and pima cotton trousers in black. 

Pima cotton trousers

I knew the black pima cotton trousers would look great, because I already had these in grey. They are fabulous trousers – cotton jersey, lined to the knee with more cotton jersey, and with big pockets. The front tucks have a very slimming effect when worn. The black are for more posh occasions, such as today, when I’ll be wearing them out to lunch.

The unknown quantities were the baggy trousers, linen dress and jersey dress.

Jersey dress

First to the jersey dress, because this wasn’t right for me at all. It looked great in the pictures and I thought it would work well in mid-season, worn over leggings or thermal tights, but it was totally wrong for my hourglass figure. It made my boobs look like a shelf, it was too big on the shoulders, hid my small waist and was tight on the hips. And too short. I looked like someone’s gran in it. A massive shame, as not only did it cost me £12 to send it back, but I loved the thick viscose/spandex fabric – I will definitely look for other items in this fabric. 

Amalie dress

I’d also taken a punt on the Amalie dress, having not bought a woven fabric from Wall before. I kind of have a rule in my head that I don’t buy clothes in woven fabrics, because I should be making them. (I’m not good at sewing stretch fabrics, so I’m happy to buy stretch clothing.) The Amalie dress has a linen exterior and a thin cotton interior, to which the outer is attached to give the asymmetric effect.


When it arrived, it was rather shorter than I’d expected, but I love the asymmetry and the ease of the adjustable tie, and I think it will get plenty of wear this summer.

And finally to the baggy trousers. Well, when these arrived, I was sure there’d been a mistake, as the trousers in the box were clearly a fine wool. Beautiful things but not suitable for my life.

baggy trousers

I couldn’t find the fabric label on them, so I phoned Wall customer services, thinking I’d made a bad mistake. Except that they told me that these were indeed what I had ordered. Well, blow me down. I was expecting a toughish cotton fabric, like the drill I once covered my sofa with, not a butter-smooth fabric that feels like cashmere. But they are indeed machine washable, which was my main concern, and fully lined. 

They are, if truth be told, still a bit posh for my life, so I won’t be bumming around the house in them as I’d intended, but will instead keep them for trips out for a year, when they won’t be so prone to getting covered in cat hair and wood ash.

I have this as a rule, btw, that things can be posh for one year, then after that you should wear them into the ground – I saw my mother keep a lot of things for a ‘best’ that never came, but clothing is made to be worn. Otherwise, it’s nothing but clutter (of which more later). 

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