Lucy Worsley’s dress sense

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Lucy hasn’t been on our screens for a while, but here’s a quick refresher.

I just found this lovely little article on Lucy Worsley’s dress sense. It’s from some time ago when she did an interview in the Sunday Express. 

I love Lucy – the way she doesn’t pretend to be stupid, the lisp, the willingless to make a tit of herself. And her style – like a heroine escaped from the pages of a 1920s children’s book. The clipped back hair, the heavy eyebrows, the cute little cardis (wish I knew where she got them from – my guess is Boden) and her flat flat flat shoes (thank heavens). Just the sort of thing to get up the snout of a tweedy old prof like David Starkey, the silly sod. 

Lucy professes to not spend much on clothes, says she never wears trousers and confesses to owning a nasal hair trimmer. Which only makes me like her even more. Check it out.  



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