That was the week that was

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Some weeks just aren’t worth repeating.

It’s been a seriously weird week chez SecondCherry. 

It began last Wednesday with thinking that I might lose a contract, due to one of the magazines I write for being sold to another company. So that was fun. 

The next day, it was off to the vet with my cat Bembo, who had a lump on his neck that had started to bleed. 145 euros later, he was as right as rain with his suspected mast cell tumour nicely removed, and himself bouncing around the place due to the anaesthetic antidote. Not bad for a cat of nearly 19.

Just as well I got him in that day, though, as six inches of snow fell in the night and we were once again snowed in.

And just as well that we were snowed in, as I then had to hit the ground running – building and consolidating my network of contacts, creating a new website for my professional beauty writing – Cosmetopica – coming up with the name, buying the domain, finding the template in WordPress, hacking the design, designing a logo (an Abraham Darby rose from my garden, coloured in bright emerald green to reflect my interest in sustainability), writing copy, finding pictures, getting the articles online and finally announcing the new blog. I reckon I put in 32 hours over the weekend, and the DH with me. 

Meanwhile, we woke up on Monday to find that the dog had wet himself in the office, where he sleeps overnight. He was diagnosed with congestive heart failure recently, and then had to take diruetics for bronchitis, but this was something new and we naturally suspected diabetes or kidney failure. So, once again off to the vet today. Another 130 euros later, my boy turns out to have a mild case of cystitis but to be otherwise in the clear. 

Which kind of makes up for the creosote pouring down the stovepipe and filling the room with toxic smoke last night. No woodburner today, and not until the chimneysweep arrives.  

And then comes the news this afternoon that I do indeed still have my contract, which is very good news, but I feel slightly like crawling under a rock. If I could, but actually I have a press day tomorrow instead.

Anyway, for those who are interested, do take a look at my beauty industry blog at It’s designed for industry, not the consumer, so it has a less chatty tone than this blog, but you might find some interesting information on it. 

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