Snow truant

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Feels like playing hooky… garden

I love days like today: it’s like playing hooky.

Not that I ever played hooky, that I remember. And not that I’m not working – I’ll be back to it in a minute.

But when you’re snowed in, and you have to cancel your appointments, and you know no-one’s coming to the door, the day feels like bonus time. You can eat what you like, have a nap if you want one. It’s a white world out there and nobody’s looking.

I should have been at the dentist this afternoon, but the inch of snow that fell in the night is more than enough to make driving here impossible. There’s a hill from our house to the gate, from the gate to the end of the drive, and from the end of the drive, in either direction, you once again have to go uphill. Without a 4×4 it’s a no-go.

So, here I sit in a big leather recliner, wrapped up in a slanket (courtesy of my sister last year). We knew this was coming, so we got plenty of food and drink in. We lit the woodie first thing and the house is toasty warm, as are we in our fleece layers. The dog and the cats are arrayed around the fire (curiously, they never seem to GO anywhere in this weather…). Ravel on the radio. Had a walk round the garden earlier, with the dry powdered snow blowing off the barn roofs and the frozen ponds covered in rabbit footprints.

The parrotia tree, which came into bloom a week ago with its tiny crimson jewels of flowers, is alive with coloured flutterings. I’m about to feed the birds for the fifth time and so harsh is the weather, we have a whole new set visiting us outside of the usual titbirds and robins. A yellowhammer turned up this morning – the first I’ve seen at the bird table – and a multitude of greenfinches and chaffinches, dunnocks and nuthatches, all vying with the great spotted woodpeckers and blackbirds for our wild bird seed mix, chopped cheese and fatballs, not to mention water. The poor beasts need all the help they can get and I’m glad I bought a 5kg sack of seed. 

Right, that’s me away to work an hour or so before a hot chocolate and ginger cake call.

Stay wrapped up, people. And if you venture out, do it carefully. 

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