Review: Rivoli Active Radiance Primer

The best foundation product I have ever used. Rivoli Active Radiance Primer

High-end Swiss brand Rivoli recently sent me this product to test: Rivoli Active Radiance Primer. 

The Swiss are the acknowledged leaders in skincare products of the high-tech variety, and all that research doesn’t come cheap. 

Rivoli sells products into what the industry calls the ‘selective’ market – ie: high priced. In fact the firm recently opened an art gallery in Geneva, where it sells its products alongside modern art. At present, it has outlets in Geneva, Copenhagen and Moscow. 

The packaging alone is what you expect from a luxury brand – gorgeous turquoise matt card boxes, lovely frosted-glass airless pumps that look great on the bathroom shelf. 

The firm’s Active Radiance Primer is a kind of haute-couture version of a BB cream and acts as moisturiser, anti-ageing skin treatment and makeup base in one. It is available only in limited edition.

It contains two patented compounds: UVaxine®, billed by the firm as "an anti-aging semivaccine that stimulates the skin’s innate defences against ultraviolet damage", and NovHyal®, “a 3rd generation hyaluronic acid, to plump up the skin and help reduce wrinkles and fine lines significantly".

As to its anti-ageing capabilities, I cannot speak, as I haven’t been using it long enough, but what I can say is that it’s the best foundation product I’ve ever come across. A light squirt of it is like instantly Photoshopping your face – smoothing out every blemish and thread vein and making your complexion look entirely smooth and even. 

Unlike most BB creams, it also results in a finish that is matt but not dry. I found I didn’t need foundation on top of it – the product itself was enough.

I visited a friend one day when I was wearing it and she said: "You look great. What are you doing? You look radiant."

Radiant? Well, that’s something a girl doesn’t hear every day. Especially when she’s heading for 50. 

Active Radiance Primer smells lovely, has a nice texture and works like a charm. The only downside, other than availability, is the price – it’s well out of my range at about 184 euros for 30ml. But if that’s more within your income level, I’d snap it up while stocks last. 

Information on where to obtain Rivoli products is available from  


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