Mouse crap on my baubles

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And I mean literally….

I decided to start putting the deccies up yesterday. It’s a tad late for France – you’re meant to do it on St Nicolas’ Day, December 6, but I was busy scraping filth off the house that day as we were having friends over to eat. 

We used to buy real trees, but I hate the idea that something living is cut down, and of the five we’ve planted out, only two have taken (now over 20ft high), so for some years now, our ‘tree’ has been made of plastic. Christmas involves the DH going down to our dank cellar and hauling out the big white box, then slotting all the (amazingly realistic) green branches into the plastic trunk. This, for me, is also a strong memory from childhood in the 70s, after the time when my mother rebelled at still picking needles out of the carpet in February. But so good does our plastic tree look once decorated that I’ve even had people tell me it smells nice.

This year, as a change from my black, white and metallics-only rule when it comes to deccies, I’ve decided to add a little of my favourite colour – turquoise. I haven’t been able to find any tinsel in this colour yet, but got a couple of packs of baubles from the supermarket.

Sadly, when hauling the decorations box out from under the stairs, my findings weren’t quite so pleasant. Back in the days when we actually had money, I used to go to Heal’s every January and buy huge glass baubles in the sales.  Each January I wrap these carefully up in kitchen roll and pack them away in cardboard boxes, but clearly neither cardboard nor paper are much barrier to a mouse. When I opened the box up, it was full of shredded paper and mouse shit, entailing the washing of my baubles (and endless opportunities for double-entendre, I’m sure). 

Fortunately, mice being pretty lightweight, nothing was actually broken, which is a relief, as some of the deccies are well over 20 years old now. But it was a surprise, too, to find that my new tiny turquoise baubles are also glass, which I discovered in the usual way after dropping one from a great height onto tiles. 

Right, I shall away to find a stepladder and get the tinsel up… 

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