Review: Golden Dynastie by Princesse Marina de Bourbon

A light and delicate floral that’s ideal for summer days. Golden Dynastie

OK, I admit it – my heart sinks when I hear the words ‘fruity floral’, but that’s exactly why Golden Dynastie from Princesse Marina de Bourbon proved such a pleasant surprise. 

This fragrance, the fourth in the Dynastie line from this niche house, turns out to be a very well balanced light, fresh floral whose golden, ornate packaging belies its contents. I expected something heavy and amber-like, but instead what you get is dollops of citrus, green notes, light florals in the middle and light woods and musk in the drydown.

The official notes include head notes of orange, green apple and ‘green harmony accord’; heart notes of rose, hyacinth and violet; and base notes of cedar, sandalwood and white musk. It’s available in 30ml, 50ml and 100ml formats, costing 40, 58 and 76 euros respectively, and if you buy a coffret this Christmas, I suspect you might get a body lotion thrown in. 

Golden Dynastie was created by an interesting duo of perfumers at the house of Mane – Julie Massé, who is known as a minimalsit and Mathilde Bijaoui, known more as an orientalist. The result is a very nicely harmonised fragrance that remains light throughout and never becomes powdery, moving from the ‘agrumes’, as one of my French friends put it, through soft florals that remind me of Givenchy’s Fleur d’Interdit, which I loved very much, and then a very gentle woody base – just enough to lock the florals into place.

Pretty rather than sexy, it’s a very feminine perfume that manages to steer clear of being sugary or sweet, and could be worn by most civilised women on most civilised occasions – parent’s evenings, polo matches, cocktail parties etc, but I see myself mostly wearing it in summer with a flowery dress. The freshness would make it very suitable for outdoor events. 

The house of Princesse Marina is new to me, but it was founded by hair stylist and socialite, Marina Gacry, who became an interior designer and later married Prince André of Bourbon-Parma. The firm’s perfumes are sold as one of a number of luxury goods at the house’s high-end store in the Boulevard de Courcelles in Paris and via its website.


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