Be careful what you wish for

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A little moderation in the weather might be nice.

The weather lately has been a bit of ‘be careful what you wish for’. 

After I blogged recently about our Sunless Summer, we got hit with a good old-fashioned heatwave. From 17-18 degrees during the day, we suddenly shot up to the high 30s – utterly impossible to cope with. I spent part of Tuesday in a glasshouse, looking at roses, and it was no hotter in there than it was outside.

Wednesday, I gave up and stayed indoors. These old stone houses with their thick walls and small windows remain ice-box cool on hot days as long as you keep the doors and windows shut but it does seem ironic after being confined to barracks for so long by cold, rainy weather, that I should be similarly confined by the heat and sun. 

All that came to a shuddering halt yesterday when the mother of all storms hit us, with 52mm of rain in about an hour. There was flooding everywhere locally and the river burst its banks at the bottom of our friends’ garden, but fortunately we live on a hill, so flooding isn’t a problem for us.

We did lose power, though, so I suggested to the DH that we go down to the cabin and enjoy the rain from there. Grabbed a parka and ran, but was still soaked to the skin by the time we got to the bottom of the garden, so changed clothes (yes – got everything in there), pulled up a blanket and watched the rain stair-rod it down, the willows thrashing back and forth and water bouncing back up out of the ponds.  

Today, thank heavens, seems more of a ‘normal’ day – mid-20s, sunshine, cool evening – and tonight, it will hopefully be cool enough to sleep after several nuits blanches.  

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