Twinkle twinkle little beads

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We tarted up the shed last weekend. bead curtain

I made a new addition to the shed at the weekend – a beaded curtain. Not your bog-standard beaded curtain, although I like these very much, but one I made myself. 

Beading is one of my hobbies, and among my collection I’d amassed many beads that weren’t really suitable for necklaces – that were too heavy, too transparent, too bulky or too sharp to wear. I had also, courtesy of some job lots on Ebay, quite a lot of large glass macramé beads that I had no use for. And then I hit on the idea. 

Three hours later, I was finished. I strung my curtain up on a bamboo pole and the DH put it up on hooks for me. And there it hangs – less of a fly curtain and more of a giant mobile. 

I thought it would be fun to do but what I hadn’t anticipated is how beautiful it would be. "Entrancing," was the word the DH used, who isn’t given to flights of fancy. 

The reason is the way the beads catch the light (mostly an accident on my part, though when I realised which beads gave the greatest effects, I focused on those). 

There are all sorts in there: mother-of-pearl discs taken from a belt; large red acrylic beads from a cheap broken necklace; iridescent yellow plastic ovals; foils in all manner of shapes and colours; seashells picked up on the beach in Brittany; orange pumpkin macramé beads; 1950s beads shaped like meteors; kiln beads shaped like missiles and expensive Victorian Bristol blues. 

I didn’t realise until hanging the curtain that the beads would spin constantly, the faceted surfaces reflecting the light in a thousand glittering mirrors, the fishing line on which I strung them near-enough invisible, so the beads, in red and orange, green and purple, yellow and jade, magenta and crystal, appear to be suspended in space. The effect is truly magical. 

Me in shed

I can’t remember the last time I was so pleased with a few hours crafting, and it inspired us to tart up the shed a bit. It hasn’t stopped raining for weeks, so I still haven’t been able to paint the doors, but we’ve put up some prints, and another mirror, and some candle sconces, and our new dragonfly storm glass, and last night – rain or no rain – we went down at 11.00pm and sat in the flickering candlelight until midnight, the rain drumming on the roof, our trusty cat Rockwell and the pooch faithfully at our sides. 

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