Femfresh fannies about on Facebook

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Wouldn’t it be great if they spent so much money on this that they went out of business?

I’m greatly enjoying the public relations car crash that is Femfresh’s Facebook page

For those who may not know (if they aren’t in the social media world), this offensive and unnecessary product has come in for the grilling it richly deserves – this is one of the dangers of having a social media presence: you’re going to get comments from the hundreds of thousands of people who think your product is a: patronising and ridiculous in its presentation (in this case with its long list of euphemisms for female genitalia, such as ‘la-la’ and ‘kitty’); b: offensive to women, as there’s nothing at all wrong with our natural smells and c: positively harmful.

Femfresh has now taken down the original page (a bit of which you can see here) on the grounds that commentators were using offensive language on it, such as – God forbid – ‘vagina’ and instituted a new one, where presumably, ‘nooni’, ‘ladygarden’ and other such delights will appear. But I predict it will go largely the same way. And heartening to see so many good comments from men, such as that from Jamie Tanser. Thanks very much, fellas. 

Is it needless to say that I fall into category C? I loathe and detest even the idea of such products, which actively cause thrush and cystitis. If your vagina smells bad, it means you have an infection of some sort – get it sorted, don’t stick a bloody deodorant on it.

Women have been battling this problem of more stuff we don’t fucking need since the 70s when, I remember, Tampax were trying to throw the idea of scented tampons at us. It caused howls of outrage then, and so should Femfresh now.  Bloody stupid product. Bloody stupid campaign. 

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