The decluttering continues

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The four fruit boxes I got yesterday are already full…

Well, my decluttering continues apace. 

Having been held up briefly by the gorgeous reference books in my fashion bookcase, things proved much easier in the kitchen and I now have 36 cookbooks boxed up, ready to go on the vide-grenier stall for the local horse sanctuary.

Ornaments are flying off the shelves thick and fast as well, mainly courtesy of ‘things I don’t collect any more’. And cheap glassware, such as the 30 bog-standard champagne flutes that we bought over a decade ago when a bunch of flyers came over for the Beagle Pup Club annual jaunt, and we seem to have hung onto ever since even though I don’t actually like them.

Gifts from others are also a category, I notice. Gifts are lovely things, but when it comes to household objects, very few people share your exact taste, and in any case, your taste changes over time. Also, some things just aren’t suitable for our life, like the lovely Galileo thermometer bought by friends, which is always wedged in a corner somewhere because of our destructive cats – I like this thing but simply can’t display it, so I hope it will now go to a good home. One good tip I read recently, incidentally, is to keep a donation box on permanent standby somewhere (mine’s in the kitchen), where you can instantly put gifts that people give you, so they don’t take up permanent residence (as some old calendars, mugs surplus to requirements, a wine coaster, etc, have in our house). 

It is a very liberating feeling, freeing up this space. I gaze now from my bed across the room to a clear surface on top of my drawer unit. Formerly a junk site for my perfume collection (now housed in a couple of deep drawers, safely out of the light), it is now topped only with a big silver vase I hand-painted, a little zen garden that I rake each day and the singing bowl that I use for meditation, which also contains my Serenity Runes. Just looking at it makes me feel calm and ready to start the day. 


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