So, are women jealous of beautiful women?

Another Daily Mail storm in a D-cup.

I shudder a bit at even mentioning the Samantha Brick controversy, which since I’m neither a Daily Mail reader, nor a fan of Twitter, had quite passed me by until a colleague mentioned it on a women writers forum. Interestingly, most of us thought it was a spoof, although a little late for April Fool. But sadly, it does appear to be genuine. I am still hoping Chris Morris will pop up and prove us all wrong. 

Anyway, if you want a reasoned, intelligent approach to the issue, and an outline of quite how the Mail can manipulate airheads like Brick, here is one in the Huffington Post.  

Speaking for myself, I’m quite used to not being the most beautiful girl in the room. But on the other hand, I also have a pretty positive view of myself, because I think my personal attractions lie more in my intelligence and vivacity than in my looks. The saying: "There are no ugly trees," is a great one. IE: every tree is beautiful and valuable in its own way. Isn’t this why we value our friends? Whatever their looks may be?

We all have our charms, we all have our talents. Those are what we need to focus on and make the best of ourselves without too much reference to others. It seems to me, very often, that the French have this down a bit better than the English: French women often seem more comfortable in their skin than the British, and they’re better at dressing and making up in the most flattering way for their colouring and body shape, no matter what their age or the prevailing zeitgeist of beauty. (And no, they are not all bitches, as Ms Brick would have us believe.)

I once read an interview with Bobbi Brown, the makeup artist, who said that she stopped comparing herself to other women the day that she was making up three supermodels when she herself was heavily pregnant. She knew that if she kept THAT up, it would drive her absolutely crazy. And she refused a nose op when she was a teenager, preferring to keep her individual looks, which were different from the tip-tilt unternose desired by her parents. 

Though I’m not religious, I think that this is perhaps why Envy is a sin. All of the Seven Deadly Sins harm the sinner as much, if not more than, the sinned against. And Envy is a total and utter waste of time and energy. After all these millennia on the planet, shouldn’t people know better by now?  

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