Review: Fais-moi de l’oeil by Pulpe de Vie

Pulpe de Vie’s new eye contour product contains antioxidants and mica to give you a glow. Fais-moi de l'oeil

Fais-moi de l’oeil by Pulpe de Vie is a new eye contour treatment that acts as either an eye mask or a cream. 

A fragrance-free white cream, it’s very light and slippery in texture, with a delicate feel. Pulpe de Vie recommends that you apply it night and morning, and then a second coat if required. For makeup-free days, its mica content lends a touch of lightness around the eyes. 

Forty-eight per cent of the cream is a cocktail of organic fruits and flowers – 20 per cent peppermint water, 20 per cent antioxidant kiwi extract, 4 per cent oils of plum and barbary fig, and 4 per cent cornflower and verbena water. It has beech buds to battle wrinkles, rhizobian gum, derived from sunflowers, to hydrate and refreshen, and extract of laminaria seaweed to drain puffiness.

Fais-moi de l’oeil costs 17.90 euros for 15ml from Nature & Découvertes, Beauty Monop’, Mademoiselle Bio, Beauty Success, Parashop, Biocoop and


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