Clothes stash: 1950s lamé suit

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Gaudy, but I couldn’t resist… Green lurex suit

This fabulous 1950s green lurex suit is the latest addition to my vintage wardrobe. It was £45 on Ebay, which is a fortune for me, but I just couldn’t resist it. 

mink cuff

Many years ago, I had a dark green and black bubble lurex 1950s dress that was one of the most fetching things I’ve ever owned. I always regretted getting rid of it. Ever since, I notice, I am trying in one way or another to replace it and this is one of those times.   

I bought this just after Christmas, and really with next Christmas in mind, for lunches with my writers’ group etc. Probably, in general, I’ll wear just the top half, with plain black trousers, or the skirt alone with a black poloneck, as the whole thing together is a pretty serious outfit.  

Green suit neckline

This suit might not be everyone’s cup of tea but I love the rich colour married to the simple cut, the mink cuffs to the sleeves, the standaway collar that frames the face beautifully. It’s made of a quality, thick jersey fabric that is very comfortable – and not at all scratchy – to wear. Gorgeous.


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