Review: Mon Parfum Chéri par Camille, Annick Goutal

A spicy purple fragrance for the winter. Mon parfum cheri

Mon Parfum Chéri is a fragrance designed by Camille Goutal, daughter of Annick, who founded the house of Annick Goutal 30 years ago. In memory of her glamourous mother, Camille Goutal has produced this fragrance for the firm’s anniversary this year, and it is based, she says, on a solid perfume given to her mother decades ago by the author Colette.

The dark red bottle gives something of a clue to what to expect from this perfume, which is much darker and more mysterious than the pretty florals the house been releasing lately. Other reviewers say it is based on patchouli but what I got when I sprayed it on was iris, iris and more iris. A powdery, dusty, velvety iris, with all that turnip-tops, vegetal, metallic glint, but also the silky feeling of the purple petals. And then patchouli.

The iris doesn’t fade, but after about 20 minutes on my skin, it morphs into a warm, sandalwood-vanilla drydown that remains on the skin for a good 8-12 hours with little alteration. But at no point can I not-smell iris, which is most unusual for me – I was beginning to think I was anosmic to it.

Iris, for me, is something of a love-hate relationship (for a long time, I thought it was hate-hate). It is one of those smells that I find a little ugly but can’t stop smelling, like bitumen, tar, marker pens or pear drops. Perhaps at this rate, I’ll even end up liking Iris Silver Mist. 

Other reviewers also detect plum, heliotrope, violets and what-have-you. I myself do not. I get the plums in Feminité du Bois and Boxeuses, but not here at all. And yet I get the colour purple, and the feel of velvet from this perfume – old-fashioned Hollywood glamour, which perhaps, for Camille, was how Annick appeared to her.

I have bought the 100ml Eau de Toilette (95 euros), but it is also available in 100ml Eau de Parfum (115 euros), where only two spritzes are recommended, due to the increased power of the fragrance.  

After testing it on numerous people, I cannot pretend that this fragrance is going down particularly well with those who prefer a more gourmand, calone-based or floral fragrance. Reviewers detect either iris or patchouli, and many are fans of neither, but if you are, Mon Parfum Chéri, par Camille is available from all leading perfumeries and at Annick Goutal.  

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