Clothes stash: Orvis dress

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This recent purchase is something I’ve been after for a long time.

Orvis dressMy latest Ebay find turned up this morning, just in time to brighten a crappy day: this cord dress from Orvis.

Ever since I saw this dress, I don’t know how many years ago on the Orvis site, I have craved it. My Orvis clothes are among my faves – beautifully made in gorgeous soft fabrics, with a friendly cut that you can sit and move comfortably in. They’re not the most stylish garments you can buy, but are great for around the house, country walks, etc. 

I can always tell, too, when the DH is wearing an Orvis garment. There is something plushy about the folds and finished about the detailing: today at lunch I could see from the heavier zip, the different stitching on the collar and the properly applied cuffs that he was wearing Orvis rather than Lands’ End, for instance. 

The only drawback with Orvis is the price – they are not cheap clothes, though the cost-per-wear works out at peanuts. This dress normally costs £109, so I was delighted to find this worn-once-only version on Ebay and to pick it up for under £6.

It’s made of beautiful, soft, thick corduroy that falls elegantly, and is a perfect fit, too – roomy enough to get a poloneck and fleece-lined tights under, and can also be worn as a long shirt/light coat in in-between weather. The pinky-beige colourway – almost like the colour of fresh plaster – is incredibly flattering for my blonde colouring as well, so all in all, I’m very pleased. 

Today it is wall-to-wall rain, which is a shame, as yesterday when it was brilliantly sunny, I was stuck indoors, cleaning the house for a girls night in (we had a mini-clothes-swap). So to cheer ourselves up, as he too was feeling blue, the DH and I had lunch at the local creperie, which should be enough to restore our spirits for the day. Both of us in Orvis, then, which is unusual. I wore my new dress with stripy thermal tights in grey, magenta and purple (it’s OK, you couldn’t see them….) and vintage leather riding boots.

Back home, woodburner on early and I’m now changed into my snuggly stretch fleece layers from Lands’ End (review to follow) for an afternoon of subbing, teacakes and loving up the cats. I suppose that comes under the heading of winter pleasures. 

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