Review: Craghoppers Fusion Plus Microfleece

Craghoppers produces a great niche range of outdoor clothing.

Craghoppers Fusion PlusThe DH bought himself this Fusion Plus microfleece recently, from outdoor specialist Craghoppers. When it arrived, it came up a little small, so he passed it on to me and I have to report that on my recent holiday to Brittany, I wore it every single day.

It has a leather-look pocket for an MP3 player, complete with headphone socket, but I used this for carrying more essential items – tissues and sweeties. The fleece – Craghoppers’ patented technology – is ultrafine and thin, and feels like suede, but is completely windproof and weighs no more than a whisper. It also rolls up very small and packs into a backpack with no trouble at all, giving an astonishing amount of warmth for its weight. It comes out of the washing machine almost dry, and even if you rinse it out in the hotel sink in the evening, it will be dry by morning, so it’s a great travel garment.Some reviewers state that a Craghoppers garment can be worn on a near-daily basis for about five years before showing any sign of wear.

This is a man’s top, and a good buy for apple-shaped women, too, but a blog I found, Fiona Outdoors, is fulsome in its praise of Craghoppers styling in women’s garments, which are more waisted. I was so pleased with this one that I have immediately ordered two of the firm’s women’s Miska microfleeces, in girly shades. I will let you know how I get on. One thing I do know is that Craghoppers clothes come up a little small because they are designed for a snug fit, so I have gone for a 14, fingers crossed.

About Craghoppers

Part of the Regatta Group, Craghoppers is a UK firm founded in 1965 by a group of climbers who were planning an Everest expedition but couldn’t find clothes they liked, so instead, they designed their own. Based in Manchester, it produces a niche range of travel and outdoor clothing, including insect-repellent and UV-blocking items, and – most recently – a range designed by Bear Grylls. Most of the items are designed to be as lightweight as possible, with backpackers in mind. 

The products are available from many outdoors sites, Craghoppers’ own site and Amazon.

Eco-credentials. Craghoppers says it is carbon neutral and to use only organic and Fairtrade cotton. It follows Regatta’s ethical policy. 


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