Review: Wildbleu wicking nightwear

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These wicking pyjamas from US firm Wildbleu are a godsend for night sweats.

Wildbleu shirtAs anyone will know who’s ever suffered a night sweat, they are unpleasant beasts, and anything that helps you deal with them is very welcome.

Tired of waking up – courtesy of pre-menopause – wringing wet even in my thinnest cotton ro sleeping kimonos, I went on an internet search and came across the website Cool Sleepwear

This is the UK reseller of US firm Wild Bleu, which specialises in wicking sleepwear. 

For those who don’t know, wicking sleepwear is made from the newest kind of high-tech fabrics, influenced by sports and hiking gear, which rather than absorbing your sweat and leaving you damp, simply wick the sweat right through the fabric, leaving it to evaporate. 

Although they are polyester, they claim to have a very natural look and feel, and some incorporate fabrics such as bamboo, which itself has useful wicking qualities. 

I fell upon Wild Bleu because although there are many companies supplying wicking sleepwear, most of the garments look like something designed for a care home patient. I wanted to try this wicking stuff, but in a garment that looked like something I’d wear normally.

Wildbleu pantI chose the conventional style pyjama jacket and pant. These are white and covered in penguins – a tad cute for my taste – but it was closest fit I could find in terms of cut. 

And when they arrived, I was very pleasantly surprised. These PJs do indeed feel like cotton jersey and they are in a thin, light weave with some delicate detailing of lace, ribbon and piping in blue, which feels nicely feminine. 

They also WORK. I woke up hot as usual, several times that night, but after throwing off the quilt, I could feel the sweat simply evaporate away like steam, leaving my skin cool and dry. Each time I quickly fell back to sleep rather than lying there like a damp dishrag – a huge relief.

Cool Sleepwear supply WildBleu clothing in several different colourways and patterns, including Twilight (a bright blue), Chocolate Rose, Dog Tired and French Dot.

I instantly ordered a second set in Chocolate Rose, which arrived a week later, and they are equally pretty and effective (though I prefer the spandex-free penguin set). 

Definitely recommended for anyone with night sweats, or who suffers from the heat in summer. 



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