Review: Iroisie contour des yeux efficace au jojoba

Iroisie products are based on plant extracts from Brittany.

IroisieIroisie is a French niche organic brand based on extracts from plants found in the Mer d’Iroise in Brittany.

This piece of coastline is a UNESCO world heritage site and plants and animals flourish there that live nowhere else on earth.

The brand was conceived by ex-model Anne Bontour when she suddenly developed very sensitive skin, and it has taken five years from conception to launch. All Iroisie products are certified by Man and Biosphere, which protects the unique ecosystem of the Mer d’Iroise region.

The firm’s eye cream, which is the product I tried, is a dense white cream in a tube with a very narrow nozzle that allows you to squeeze out a tiny dose. 

The cream itself contains jojoba, cornflower and extract of the seaweed chondrius crispus. It has a delicate fragrance and is nothing special to look at, but it is a seriously good eye cream, which protects the eye area without stinging or stickiness.

When I wash my face in the morning, I can feel the distinct layer of protection it has offered. However, I find it a tad too heavy to use during the day, on days when I wear makeup, so I use this product at night, and a lighter eye product by Absolution for daytime. However, if I’m not wearing makeup, I continue to use this cream. It is definitely one of the best products I’ve found for the eye area, and it seems to last forever. 

Iroisie eye cream costs 38 euros for 15ml, though with the highly controlled dose, it goes a long way, and it also makes a good lip cream. It is available from


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