Review: Dr Organic Manuka Honey body lotion

Holland and Barrett offers a comprehensive organic range.

Dr Organic is a brand of toiletries from Holland and Barrett healthfood shops and comprises a wide range of products, including soap, shower gel and body lotion. All of the products are of natural origin, with a varying percentage of organic ingredients, though they do also contain a small percentage of artificial ingredients too. They are not tested on animals.

My eco-warrior friend E uses the Manuka Honey body lotion and lent me some one day after swimming. I fell in love with it at once, so treated myself to some when I visited the UK. Sadly, however, on my skin, it seems to turn a bit nasty.

The texture is delightful – nice and slippy, and doesn’t leave you feeling sticky (a particular horror with body lotions) – but there is a whiff of something unpleasant about it on me. I really wish now that I’d bought one of the other scents in the range, such as rose or cucumber.

All is not lost, however. I find that the product still makes a very good body wash or water-soluble cleanser, and used this way, I get to enjoy the lovely scent without it going wrong on me. It’s totally water soluble and leaves your skin feeling beautifully soft.

Another thing in its favour is the price: only £7.50 or so for 200ml, which is a bargain compared with many products – a useful way to experiment with organic cosmetics without breaking the bank.

The Dr Organic range is available from all branches of Holland and Barrett and from the firm’s website. Sorry for the lack of a picture, but the site has Tiffs and I can’t convert them to Jpegs.

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