Review: Decléor Harmonie Calm Crème Lactée Apaisante and Serum Aromessence Rose d’Orient

A lovely skincare combination that soothes irritated or sensitive skin.

Harmonie CalmIt is always with a twinge of regret that I finish up any Decléor product. They are a tad expensive for my purse and I can’t quite stretch to buying them myself, so it is always a joy to get free versions through the post for testing.

Decléor is a high-end brand that uses essential oils and aromatherapy ingredients and its quality credentials really show: the products always come in nice packaging and they have a high-quality smell and feel.

Harmonie Calm Crème Lactée Apaisante is a cream based on damask rose and is good for those with sensitive skin. I’ve been using it as a day cream whenever my skin is red or blotchy, and to correct any stinging I’ve encountered from using a fruit-based product, whose AHAs can often make my skin flare up.

It contains many soothing ingredients, including cotton and ‘lily milk’ (whatever that is), concentrated rose water, cotton lipids, pine polyphenols and grape polyphenols along with green macatia extract, essential oil of damask rose, rose milk and white birch. Like many Decléor creams, it is relatively thin in texture but surprisingly moisturising in spite of that, and has a delicate smell of roses. It costs around 48.90 euros for 50ml from outlets including Sephora. Very worthwhile if you have sensitive skin.

The serum that sits alongside the day cream is called Aromessence Rose d’Orient and is a blend of pure essential oils, including rose, neroli, camomile and petitgrain, all of which you can smell very strongly in the mix. All of Decléor’s oil-based serums are natural, with no preservatives or additives, and they soften and nourish the skin beautifully – you would be hard-pushed to put them together yourself for the price, either, as rose, neroli and camomile are among the most expensive essential oils on the market. The serum costs around 46.80 euros for 30ml from Sephora.

A very good combination for skin that is dry, sensitive or ageing (or in my case, all three….). 

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